Monday, 2 July 2012

The Make Awards 2012

Oh my! I had never been so nervous...

With My family trees nominated for Handmade Product of the Year at the notonthehighstreet Make Awards I headed off to Richmond last Wednesday night. I was completely and utterly made up to be one of three products shortlisted for this award, and with approx 30,000 products on the site, I felt like a winner whatever the outcome.

To avoid the inevitable crazy-London-morning-traffic I stayed at a nearby travel tavern (a la Alan Partridge) the night before. That way I had plenty of time to get my new dress on, straighten my stupid hair and drive round the corner to the swanky Garden Room at Syon Park to the Make, Do and Meet 2012 in the morning.

500 notonthehighstreet (NOTHS) partners were in attendence and the day was kicked off with tea and biscuits and a good old natter with my fellow sellers. I had met a few at Edgbaston at the SBS Theo Paphitis thing, but some I hadn't ever met despite becoming friends through inane twitter chitter chatter. It was so lovely to finally meet some of our amazingly creative Twitterati peeps.

In the dining area there was lovely boards with pics of the nominated partner or product on every table. I was squealing inside when I found mine. Woop!

The whole day was great - there was photography workshops throughout the day. Different ones for shooting varying products (jewellery, prints, stationery etc). I went to the posters and prints one and it was really very good. Although the first thing they said was "if you can, remove the glass from your print before photographing it" erm... that posed a problem as all of my papercuts are sandwiched BETWEEN glass, but we found a solution. 'Twas all good. (if you're wondering... you get an able assistant to hold up a big white sheet to stop nasty old reflections, tricky as it's usually just me on my own photographing my stuff... have to rope in the kids!).

There were really inspirational speakers on the main stage, as well as a customer service area to meet the gang and nibble on cupcakes, a place to meet and chat to NOTHS staff and a knitting/making area (not too hot with the ole knitting needles, so gave that a miss)

After a lovely lunch and yet more chitter chatter with the ladies it was time for the award ceremony. (cue racing heart at this moment - although I am a loudmouth, I am but a shy and retiring kinda lass inside, and any kind of attention drawn to me has my cheeks flush a bright magenta)

All the nominees and winners were incredibly worthy. Amazing products and businesses and it is so wonderful of NOTHS to recognise these amazing hardworking guys and gals. Many of my twitter buddies were nominated and we all sat together... hearts gradually picking up a pace if they were anything like me!

I'll cut to the chase... I didn't win. But like I said I felt like a winner whatever the outcome. I was just completely thrilled to be nominated. That was enough for this old bird I tells ya ;)

Here's the breakdown of the nominees and winners (many thanks to Milly & Pip on her blog for this list!):

Gift of the Year Shortlist 2012 (when I typed that I accidentally missed out the 'f'... made me laugh)
Champagne Cork Stool by Impulse Purchase
Joy Tote Bag by The Joy of Ex Foundation
Personalised Co ordinates Print by my mates at The Drifting Brea Co (I wanted them to win, we both use the same master framer)
and the winner was... Champagne Cork Stool

Best Customer Service Shortlist 2012
Sally Clay Jewellery
and the winner was... Letterfest!

Handmade Product of the Year Shortlist 2012 *heart racing sooo fast* this was me...
Solid Oak 'Hot Stuff' Trivet by SquarePear Furniture
Personalised Family Tree Papercut by *ahem* Kyleigh's Papercuts *heart races faster*
Mouse Play Dress by Wild Things Funky Little Dresses
drum roll... winner was... and I'm gonna papercut him in the face...(joke) Hot Stuff Trivet!

Personalised Product of the Year Shortlist 2012
Personalised Christmas Sack by Harrow & Green
Personalised Tax Disc Cuffllinks by Me & My Car
Personalised Leather Scroll Bracelet by Joulberry
and the winner was... The Christmas Sack

Innovation Award Shortlist 2012
Stitch a Map Postcard by The LittleBoys Room
Bespoke Fingerprint Wedding Ring by Patrick Laing
Cake Slice Club by The Cake Nest
and the winner was... Fingerprint wedding ring

Best New Product 2012 Shortlist
Personalised Metro Map Style Print by This Is My Map
Headcase Pillow Case by Twisted Twee
Personalised 'You're the best' Apron by Sparks Clothing
and the winner was... Headcase Pillow Case

Start-Up Success Award Shortlist 2012
Impulse Purchase
The Drifting Bear Co.
More Than Words (my lovely mate Lisa)
and the winner was... yay! The Drifting Bear Co.

Entrepreneur of the Year Shortlist 2012
Betsy Benn
Modo Creative
and the winner was... Betsy Benn yay!

Best Presented Storefront Shortlist 2012
Cherry Pie Lane (my mate Charlie, and I was sitting next to her too... eeek!)
Rowen & Wren
and the winner was... Rowen & Wren (bad luck Charlie)

Partner of the Year Shortlist 2012
3 Blonde Bears (my lovely nobber mate Jo)
Milly and Pip (another lovely member of our twitterati, Ali)
Lily Belle
and the winner was... 3 Blonde Bears! YAY! Well done mummy bear!

Community Ambassador of the Year Shortlist 2012
Ali Millard from Milly & Pip (she really is awesome)
Gabriella Buckingham from moobaacluck (another of our Twitterati crew and again, awesome)
Helen Lindley from Lindleywood
and the winner was... Milly & Pip! Yay! Go Ali!

Wow, so exciting to see so many amazing people win! As you can see all the shortlisted products and partners are of an incredibly high standard, I feel so incredibly chuffed to be in the list :)

And then it was time for lovely sticky fizzy fizz...

don't mind if I do
The lovely Charlie from Cherry Pie Lane, Gabs from The Green Gables and Justine from Berties
And with that it was time to head on home... with a hastily swiped board from the tables ;)

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, a fab day was had by all.
*hums Journey's Don't Stop Believin'*

Have a great week everyone, I've got tonnes of orders to get out before heading off to Centre Parcs next week for a well earned break. So I'd best get cracking!

Kyleigh x

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