Saturday, 30 June 2012

Check out some handcut commissions

Well hello there, how the devil have you been?

Oh my goodness I have been stu-a-acked out. Really full on. Which obviously is amazing, and I feel truly humbled by how popular my papercuts are, but it means my lil ole blog gets a back seat. But never fear I am here now and I have a wealth of papercut commissions to waft in front of your eyes for your delectation. Ready?

I do love a large red A3 commission
This lovely big red commission was for a lovely lady who sadly lost her son. To commemorate what would have been his birthday she commissioned this incredibly long name for her son who only had the one name, Luke. When she wanted to get his attention (when he was watching tv or something) she would call him by his fictional posh long names. I think it's lovely. And I'm sure there's a skateboarding angel somewhere up there with a cheeky little smile on his face.

I'd certainly never done a skateboarding angel before
I'm just going to plop the pics out now... brace yourself.

As well as the handcut commissions I have been kept busy with my personalised family trees, very very busy. I sell them on which you can get to here or you can see the rest of my range on notonthehighstreet by clicking the link on the right hand side (or here if you're feeling lazy).

Available with 3, 4, 5 or 6 names
I always love hearing from happy customers, and it warms my soul if they include a picture too... into my inbox plopped these two pics last week. One from a happy bride receiving her personalised wedding name papercut...

...and one from a happy family who have created a timeline on their kitchen wall with their wedding names and their two daughters names and birthdates. What a gorgeous colour wall too, mmmm!

I'll be back really soon with a post about the amazing Make Awards which I went to last week, so until then have a fab weekend!

Kyleigh x

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