Thursday, 9 February 2012

We have a winner!

THANK YOU all for entering, I am blown by the response - 165 entries, woop!

Let me just tell you, it took aaaaaaages to count those blinkin' hearts. I counted them back into the jar and marked every 10 counted in as a little mark on a tally chart. I was amazed that there were 992 hearts! (and one lonely little star - dunno how that little blighter got in there...)

No one guessed on the button, the closest was a guess of 1000. Only 8 away, and that was guessed by...

*Drum roll please*

Tracy Lock! you are the winner!
You guessed only 8 away from the correct answer of 992!

Root toot toot! You've won the 'I love you' papercut.
Congratulations and thanks again to everyone that entered.
I'll do another giveaway later in the year, but preferably one that doesn't make me count out hundreds of hearts, doh!

Have a great weekend y'all, y'hear? (well, it is *nearly* the weekend)
Kyleigh x

PS. There was problems with 'Disqus' commenting, but luckily I had email notifications for every comment, so even if you don't see your comment (for some unknown reason it wasn't publishing each one, grrr) rest assured your guess was noted by me and added to the other guesses coming in from my Facebook page.

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  1. Well done to the winner. Can't wait for the next competition! x


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