Thursday, 2 February 2012

Giveaway time!

Hello you lovely lot! You keeping warm? Brrrrrr!
Now... Valentine's day is just round the corner, so with that in mind who would like to win a little love token in the shape of my 'I love you' papercut framed in a chunky acrylic frame?

There's one of two designs to choose from. One with, and one without a surrounding heart. They are currently for sale here and here price £22)

You could surprise your other half with it... Then they'll usurp you with an amazing gift, a weekend away, diamonds, jewellery, chocolate and golden champagne. THEN you'll feel bad about giving them something you've won... but hey ho - think of the money you'll save! (If you're Anti Valentine's Day then you could take out the papercut and have a ceremonial burning of it (safely of course) then pop in a lovely picture of your mum and dad in the empty frame. Done!)

"Ok then, what do I have to do?" I hear you mutter...

Here's the thing... see this?

I've been squirrelling away (nearly) every heart I cut out and popping them into this little jam jar. Don't ask me why - I guess I can't bear to throw a happy little heart away!

How to enter the 'I love you' giveaway:
- Try and guess how many little paper hearts are in my jar (The closest guess to actual amount wins!)
- Leave your guess as a comment below
- Have a nice relaxing cuppa safe in the knowledge Valentine's Day *might* be all sorted...

I'll announce the winner on Thursday 9th Fabruary
So keep your eyes peeled on twitter (@kyleigh), on Facebook (
and right here on my blog a'course for the announcement.

Until then, keep warm and good luck!
Right.. I don't know about you, but I've got a jarload of little paper hearts to count!

Kyleigh x

This giveaway is open to UK residents only, aged 18 years or over. 
Giveaway ends midnight Wednesday 8th February. 
Winner will be announced Thursday 9th February.

Some of you are having problems commenting on here - if that's the case just leave a comment on my facebook page, I'll find you don't worry : )


  1. My guess is 208 little ♥'s :-)

  2. My guess is 208 little ♥'s :-)

  3. My guess is 208 little ♥'s :-)

  4. My guess is 312... Still loving your work Kyleigh! X.

  5. My guess is 286 hearts! They're sooooo pretty!

  6. My guess is 302

  7. 376 confetti hearts

  8. I'm doing this with my 6yr daughter and she says 102 little hearts x

  9. I guess 333. Good luck everyone. wot a great prize!

  10. I'll have a guess at 318 hearts. Beautiful prize!

  11. 472 me thinks :)

    Jo jenner x

  12. The jar of hearts holds 428. Send me the prize now!!!! Banananig xx


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