Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fill yo' eyes with this papery feast

Hey there! How is everyone? yeah? Did you have a good Christmas?  awww, sounds lovely... yeah I did thanks. Gosh seems like ages ago now eh? Yes it has been a mild winter... yes I know! Blossom! In January!


Ok, now the small talk is outta the way here's some pics of various handcut commissions I did in the latter part of last year which I didn't bother have time to share with you lovely peeps! So without further ado, waste a minute or two looking at these bad boys (seriously, no one is looking... and the report can wait. You're entitled to a break, eh?)

I had fun doing Janet's Kitchen. I just loved drawing the jam jar, but the strawberry pips were something else, pretty fiddly!

This must've been a friday night, I know because there's evidence in the way of a cheeky glass of vino calapso which my lovely husband brings in to me if I'm working in my shed at witching hour on a drinky night (Friday and Saturday in our house..)

This one was commissioned by staff at The Tate for a collegue that was leaving. It is a quote from a blog post he wrote. I really enjoyed cutting this one.

That's it for now, there's more but I'll spare you. Besides, you really should get on with some work. Quick your superviser is coming!

Bye for now!
Kyleigh x

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