Saturday, 10 December 2011

Family tree

I realise it's been a while. I haven't been a-resting on my laurels, oh no! If you follow me on twitter (@kyleigh) or Facebook ( then you'll know I've been a little busy bee, beavering away on muchos Christmas orders.

Which is what I should be doing now... isn't it funny how procrastination creeps up on you?

The other day I found myself sweeping the kitchen floor. "No!" thought I, "the baby is at the childminder  so you can WORK. NOT clean!!"

So of course, I threw down the broom and ran to my shed to create more happy paper goodies for lovely people wanting something a little different this year. I am overwhelmed by the popularity of my new family tree papercut.

I had it in mind for a while, but was spurred on by an email from a lovely lady who was after a papercut with names on for her boyfriends mum this Christmas. I told her my idea and she agreed to be my guinea pig. It turned out right nice, even if I do say so myself!

I added it to my notonthehighstreet shop and the orders started rolling on in. I'm finding that it's popular not only with families wanting their mums, dads, kids names but people are buying them for grandparents with names of all the grandkids on there.

I have since done them with just 3 names on, all the way up to the tall tree with 6 names. What I like is that every single tree is so different, so many different sizes - some tall, some round. I love it.

Last order date for Christmas delivery is this Monday (12th Dec) so there's still a bit of time!
Go here to order:

Ok, right. Stop talking to me now. I have work to do. And Chris Rea is telling me its 'top to toe in tailbacks'. I love working along to Christmas cheese.

Speak soooooon!
Kyleigh x

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  1. Received my tree 2 day as an anniversary present from my husband and I absolutely love it, it will hang pride of place and be treasured 4 years 2 come, thank u x


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