Sunday, 28 August 2011

For you and me...

This was a commission I did a while ago now - such is the busy life I lead, no time to blog! Grrrr.. Anyhoo, thought I'd share now one this rainy old August afternoon.

The bride and groom met on a London bus, cute huh?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

10% off anyone?

 As you know my papercuts and lasercuts are available over at, well howd'ya fancy 10% off the ENTIRE site until 4th September? You do? Well scoot on over!

To get the 10% discount just pop in voucher code 1111 at the checkout.

There's some seriously lovely things there, here's a small selection of my faves:

All Tomorrows Parties open edition print by Lola's Room (£13)

Key print cushion by Warbeck & Cox £40

Playmat by Treefall Design £65

'What did you say?' 8x10 print by The Little Illustrator £12

Lovely huh? Anyway, must dash, these papercuts won't cut themselves!
More pics of commissions to follow... bit up against it at the mo...
Have a lovely (rainy) day!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bring me fun, bring me sunshine... bring me love!

Apologies.. I am *so* behind with pics of commissions... so I'll start bombarding you with some from June and July if that's ok? Is that ok with you? well it's gonna have to be right?

First off, here was a cute papercut I did back in June (see? waaaaay behind). It was for a couple's first wedding anniversary (which just happens to be paper - perfect!) from their good friend Jo (hi Jo!).

I handcut all of my commissions a'course but 'Bring me Sunshine' has proved popular and is now available as a limited edition lasercut which I'll be adding to my notonthehighstreet shop shortly. It is also available framed in Number 83 Gallery in Westbourne.

Next I think I'll just image dump into your eyes... here goes! OOOOMPH!

Are you bored yet?

What's that? What are my favourite numbers to cut? Well, thank you for asking, I just love the curves on a 7 and a 2. Mmmmmm... let me attum!

There's still more to share, but they'll have to wait for a another post.

Laters gators!
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