Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Popping my wedding invite cherry

I starting writing all this spiel, about the bride and groom, about what they'd envisaged... etc etc yadda yadda... but I thought you'd probably prefer me to cut to the chase and show you some lovely pics of my first wedding invite design. Here goes:

And before you ask: NO! I didn't hand cut each one! That would be a tad foolish, and my ricketty old fingers would probably never forgive me. They were lasercut... and a neat job they've done too!

The design features a couple of swallows (swallows had just arrived on their land - groom's suggestion), some bunting (well, a wedding isn't a wedding without bunting, right?), lovehearts (bien sur) and teepees (the wedding is going to be an incredible two-day festival on the land) and - again Doug's suggestion - a 'bum hill'. Yup, he called me and wanted a 'bum hill' which is a feature of the land. I knew *exactly* what he meant and popped a bum hill at the bottom. The paper colours were the bride and grooms choice, I like it. It's nice and earthy. They're earthy kinda people.

So there you have it. A lovely wedding invite for a lovely couple.
Have a GREAT wedding weekend Doug and Claire! xx

I will be adding bespoke wedding invitations, save-the-date, place names etc to my notonthehighstreet shop soon. I just have to sort out the details. If you're interested you can always email me (kyleighspapercuts [at] gmail [dot] com).

I look forward to designing many more personalised wedding invitations in the future : )


  1. They're beautiful! Will keep you in mind if I ever get married! ;) Jenny x

  2. Wow - that's really cool!

  3. Can I ask, where on earth do you go for lasercuts?

  4. Thanks y'all! Lasercuts - there's specialist lasercutters out there, google them, there's bound to be one near you :)


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