Thursday, 23 June 2011

The boy saw the comet

I haven't blogged for ages... yeah sorry about that. Thing is, it's mighty tricky juggling a 6 month old baby, 2 teenagers and a business y'see. Excuses, excuses I know. So I haven't blogged for a while not because I haven't got anything to show you lovely people, but because I've been busy with commissions. Honest guv.

So this one was from May. And a nice one to boot.

I know it was a wedding present, and they were really happy with it. But I don't know what the quote is from. Does anyone know?
I like the stars, moon, clouds and comet. I like doing unusual embellishments. Not that there's anything bad about wanting hearts and swirls, but I like the challenge of a new embellishments. How can I make people choose more varied embellishments? I dunno... maybe everyone just loves hearts and swirls!

Here it is framed. It's a large size papercut so in a nice large frame. One of these days I really want to try my hand at a really big papercut. Cut from A2 or even A1. I'm gonna need a bigger cutting mat...

This commission was ordered the usual way, through the lovely peeps at notonthehighstreet. If you want to order one, you'll get special brownie points for unusual embellishments! Meaning I'll hand cut it with EVEN MORE LOVE than I usually do. And that's, like LOADS. So what are you waiting for?

Don't forget you can follow me on twitter - I generally tweet a pic of each commission *just* as I've finished cutting it.

Adios amigos! Happy Thursday night!

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