Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New business cards from Moo hurray!

When you order something, what do you think when it arrives? It's like the parcel can read my mind...  Good old Moo!

I love their packaging - "Quick, schedule a meeting! Your business cards have arrived."
And with 10, that's right TEN different pics on the back to choose from, I have trouble choosing which one to give out to people. But hey - a few in my wallet double up as a kind of portfolio when I try to explain exactly what it is I do.

"Yeah, I cut paper... into sort of words... or lyrics..., erm... here. Look at these."
"Oooh, you must have a lot of patience."
"Nah, not really. Just a good eye, a steady hand and a neat little swivel scalpel thingy"
"Oh, right. Bye!"
"Wait! Don't you want... one... oh."

There, a little bit of made-up dialogue for you.

So if you want a bit of YAY in the post, head over to Moo and design your own business cards, stickers, postcards, allsorts!


  1. Ooooh I like very much!!! Jen x

  2. I've been thinking of getting some of these done in time for Cybermummy! How long did it take? They look really different I love them from here x


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