Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Late night scalpelage

I just made that word up.
Do you like it?

I guess it means 'Cutting Paper With A Scalpel'.
But yeah, so here's a commission I thought I'd share. You can see it was 9.55pm when I finished it. The flip clock screensaver and slight murky darkness gives the game away.


I'm in my wendy house today whilst Nella Noodle is at the childminders for the first time EVER (aside from a couple of times we did an hour practise). I feel a little lost, but also am relishing the time to catch up commissions, scalpelage (there it is again! woop!) and of course, this 'ere blogging. I know she'll be fine. In fact I've just had a text tellimg me she's just been playing and is no asleep. Awww.

But anyway! Can't sitt here chit chatting all afternoon, I've got to get back to my scalpelage. Hey, try to get my new and exclusive word into  sentence... if you do you'll win, erm... you'll win, the Rights to my new word. HOWZAT?

Laters gators x

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