Thursday, 19 May 2011

I love it when a plan comes together

My friend Hannah is a clever lass who designs all sorts of beautiful jewellery.
Her InspiRings have been featured in Vogue dontchewknow!
We've coveted each others work for a while now so when she commissioned me to do a large papercut for her boyfriend as his anniversary gift (for WHOM exactly, Hannah, hmm?) I jumped at the chance for a little swapsie action.

It worked like a dream. It was a little like the old 'Charlie Says' infomercials: I got an apple and Charlie got something HE liked. Only I didn't get an apple, I got a beautiful set of silver InspiRings and Hannah got something SHE liked. Namely a large red bespoke handcut papercut of their song. I love it when a plan comes together... (does that make you want to watch The A Team? no, me neither.)

Cute huh?

And here's those lovely rings... each one is inscribed with each of my little babies names on one side and birthdate on the other. Just so I remember what they're called and when to buy a birthday present. Joking I am, Gav...

I love them. They can be worn as rings or on a necklace. Bewdiful, thanks Hannah!

So if you fancy your own InspiRings or just wanna check out Hannah's lovely jewellery, visit


  1. Just found your blog via a link on twitter- love it! So amazed by how perfect your work is! You must have a lot of patience!


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