Monday, 28 March 2011

Spring has sprung...

..and about blinkin' time too! Since having the baby I find the lack of extra blood in my system means I'm back to my pre-pregnancy freezing cold feet and hands all the time. But with this beautiful weather we've been enjoying recently I am LOVING not feeling cold. Oh that and the blossom, daffodils, lime green baby leaves... the whole Springness SHEBANG.

Anyhoo, whilst enjoying springtime, the bubba (who is smiling huge smiles all the time now - ok ok, NEARLY all the time) and the amazing full nights' sleep I've been having for about 4 weeks now (slept through at around 8 weeks... bliss), I have found the time to do a few commissions. So I thought I'd share.

I did query the lack of 'some kind'... and apparently these are the original Dylan lyrics. That cheeky Hendrix added the 'some kind' to the 'way out of here'. Essentially putting words into the jokers mouth eh?

My first little papercut rose... quite a fiddly little blighter.

Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. These are great - you must have a very steady hand and a lot of patience!

  2. Thank you! I do have a steady hand and an amazing swivvel scalpel!

  3. Goodness me......I See Trees Of Green, Red Roses Too....!
    (Louis Armstrong....1968).
    Lovely Work.....! :0).

  4. Kyleigh, Just to say these went down a treat. The Louis Armstrong song is my mums favourite and when I gave her it she had a few tears in her eyes. Thanks again

  5. Thanks for letting me know Mark, I love to hear that they were warmly received! That's made my day : )


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