Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Caught a ride with the moon

Tessa won't mind me mentioning her... will you Tessa? Anyway I had a lovely email from Tessa who really wanted a Tori Amos papercut using lyrics from Tear in Your Hand. We discussed maybe a crescent moon and she said she'd like to see maybe the world dangling on a tiny thread. I designed it initially with a crescent moon peeking behind some clouds and some stars too... no room for the world on a thread, thought I.

When I emailed a jpg of the design to Tessa I could just tell she wasn't over the moon (to coin a phrase!)... she liked it, but she didn't LOVE it (and call me vain, I'm used to emails from people saying they LOVE LOVE LOVE the design and to get cutting!) SO... I went back to the drawing board and tried to get the earth on a string working with the design. I'm happy to say that the new design had the desired LOVE LOVE LOVE effect - hopefully she'll be pleased with the final papercut when this bad boy arrived in the post in the next day or two...

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  1. Wow - I'm amazed at the detail of your cutting. Somehow I thought maybe you were going to use an actual string in your papercutting, but instead you made the paper look like a string (of course). Nicely done!


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