Saturday, 26 February 2011


I'm slowly emerging from the blissful sleep-deprived milky baby bubble and have embarked on a few commissions to ease myself back into the world of Papercuts. I've cut a 'You fill up my senses' (post to follow) whilst Nella was asleep this afternoon and thought I'd make a start on 'You've got the love' but she woke up, and despite Mr Papercuts and the teens being home to cuddle and bounce her, I still found myself distracted enough to cut RIGHT through a swirl... Doh! In my book that's a Start Again. Not today though, I'll do it tomorrow... Have a good weekend everyone!

Ok, on a rainy Sunday with a tummy full of a cooked Full English, a happy milky-full baby on a walk with daddy, one daughter at work and the other at a friends, I cut this again. In peace. Even the dog was quiet. Bliss.

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  1. Oh my goodness Kyleigh, it's beautiful! I just popped onto your site to show my friend and came over all emotional when I realised my papercut was on your blog! Wow! Love it! A thousand thank yous! Rachel xx


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