Saturday, 26 February 2011


I'm slowly emerging from the blissful sleep-deprived milky baby bubble and have embarked on a few commissions to ease myself back into the world of Papercuts. I've cut a 'You fill up my senses' (post to follow) whilst Nella was asleep this afternoon and thought I'd make a start on 'You've got the love' but she woke up, and despite Mr Papercuts and the teens being home to cuddle and bounce her, I still found myself distracted enough to cut RIGHT through a swirl... Doh! In my book that's a Start Again. Not today though, I'll do it tomorrow... Have a good weekend everyone!

Ok, on a rainy Sunday with a tummy full of a cooked Full English, a happy milky-full baby on a walk with daddy, one daughter at work and the other at a friends, I cut this again. In peace. Even the dog was quiet. Bliss.

Monday, 14 February 2011

One year ago today...

It was exactly one year ago today that I gave my husband the first ever papercut I made for Valentines Day.

I was completely inspired by the beautifully rich illustrative papercuts by Julene Harrison. I emailed her asking how much it'd be if she were to make one for me using lyrics from our first dance at our wedding. Well I'm afraid to say I couldn't afford an original Made By Julene papercut - sorry Julene : ( but being a graphic designer by trade I thought: "Hey! why can't I try to do one myself?" So I did. 

Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday last year (2010) so we went out for a romantic pub lunch where we ate, drank and started chatting about making more papercuts and my ideas about trying to sell them on Etsy. I still have a page in my notebook of possible names... Kyleigh's Papercuts is top of the list, the rest of them are awful (one was 'Ouch! Papercuts'). Seriously.

If I wasn't on maternity leave punch-drunk in love with my little Nella, then I'd do a give away or something to commemorate, but I feel like a super hero if I even manage to do the laundry, cook a meal or wash up at the moment. I promise I'll be back soon with a give-away.

Until then, Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there xoxoxoxoxox

My first ever papercut, don't look too hard.. the cutting was pretty primitive back then...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Guess who's pulled the gym instructor?

This was the last commission I did before maternity leave and what a lovely one it was too! It was for a beautiful bride who was marrying her gym instructor. Her sister commissioned it and was kind enough to send a picture of the happy couple. Love it!

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