Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Well and truly in the baby bubble...

So where have the last 3 weeks gone? For me, they went in a blur of feeding, nappy changing, cuddling, sleep deprived snatched naps, bathing, winding and most of all loving. Little Nella has rocked our world. She is my third daughter and we feel extremely blessed to have her. I'm loving maternity leave, filling my days with cuddling the sleepy newborn, smelling her sweet milky breath and loving the fleeting sight of one of those sleepy windy 'smiles' - although we all know they're not real just yet.

So indulge me if you will, some photographs of out little bear cub.


  1. Aaaah beautiful photos.The time goes so fast doesn't it.Enjoy.xx

  2. So adorable!! Congratulations : )

    Gemma x

  3. What a stunner. No wonder you have been pre-occupied!

  4. Shes so beautiful aw!! Great name too very unusual!!


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