Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Christmas orders are finally finished! I feel like doing a little celebratory dance - but at 39 weeks pregnant I think I'll refrain. Maternity leave starts right here, right now. I'm so tired I could sleep standing up.

So that was my first notonthehighstreet Christmas, eh? Plus I was in the brochure. But I am down on their forecast which is weird. But then I never know how they work out that stuff anyway. I miss doing the bespoke personalised papercuts - my favourite part of what I do is the design bit and the cutting out bit. With all the lasercut existing designs I've been framing, it was getting a wee bit tedious.

Now I'm going to relax, put my feet up and await our new little arrival like I should have been doing weeks ago.

I will fold and refold teeny tiny little babygrows.
I will try on the baby carrier despite it not fitting over my bump.
I will smell the Johnsons baby bath a dozen times.
I will pack and unpack and repack my hospital bag numerous times.
I will eat too much chocolate (this baby has temporarily changed my savoury tooth into a sweet one).
I will make mince pies, cheese straws and ginger biscuits.
I will go into the nursery just to sit on the breastfeeding chair and look at the change in the room that Kyleigh's Papercuts was started in back in February this year.

Wow. Not even a year yet! I'll do something special like a giveaway or something to celebrate my first year. You mark my words.

I'm already thinking about Valentines Day. I might design some cards, and a lovely red special lovey dovey papercut. What do you think? Ok ok, I'll switch off. But I'll be back soon. Hopefully with baby news.

Have a fantastic Christmas if I don't get chance to blog before. Enjoy your family and friends, drink too much and be silly. Go on. Do it for me. xx


  1. Good luck with the babba. Ours is now 5 weeks today and he's a little sweetie. Hard work, but you'll love it!

  2. Yay! What an exciting moment! Hope you rest up and enjoy what's left of your time before Christmas - I'm sure your little one is very excited to meet you! x

  3. Merry christmas Kyleigh! Glad you are finally getting some time to rest, you list sounds wonderful! :o)

    Valentines cards and a red papercut sound ace!!


  4. David, congratulations on your little one! I know tis hard work - I have 2 girls already (12 + 14), but think I'm in denial about actually HOW much hard work it is with a newborn!! Time has faded the memories of sleepless nights, sick and nappies...
    Lyndsay - thank you I'm going to do just that!
    Anon - Glad you like my list : ) and the idea about Valentines cards and red slushy love papercut. Watch this space!

  5. thank you so much for my papercut, my partner absolutely loved it :o) hope you have a great Xmas and a wonderful New Year


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