Friday, 3 December 2010

Lesson learned

I was mortified to hear form a customer the other day who hadn't yet received her bespoke papercut despite me sending it mid-OCTOBER!? "Eeeeeeek!" thought I, don't worry I'll check the tracking. But alas... it was unframed, meaning it was sent through our dear old Post Office standard first class. Meaning no tracking. DOH!

So on a cold snowy day I handcut this beast again. It's a tricky one, being black on black. But worth it, I hope you agree.

Unframed large papercuts I mount it lightly onto A3 card, then onto mountboard with a cellophane sleeve over the whole thing.

"Hey! I'm trying to work!" Pelted with snowballs by daughter no.2 on my little wendy house studio. Tsk, what's a girl got to do for a bit of peace round here?

Now... I will go and write 100 lines "I WILL send bespoke papercuts recorded delivery, I WILL send bepoke papercuts recorded delivery, I WILL send bespoke papercuts recorded delivery..."

We're all off to Westbury to celebrate a family Christmas with all my family and their husbands/wives and numerous cousins. We call it 'First Christmas' and it's lovely. So technically it's Christmas Eve today for me, yippee! First Christmas is a little early this year what with my big old bump being due in a couple of weeks. But its so perfect with all the snow around. I just hope we make it from Dorset to Wiltshire in the ice... eek! Have a great weekend everyone, stay warm!

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