Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Everyone is into red paper at the moment...

This was a commission for word from a book review of her husband's book review. I thought it was a pretty cool idea. I'd love to know what book it was though! Well done that author!

I'm getting a little hacked off with the quality of the old iPhone pics... proof indeed that I NEED an iPhone 4 pleeeeeeease!! C'mon Father Christmas, see what you can do.

Framed and out in the post.

Now onto the rest of my Christmas orders I seem to be drowning in... I've had a nightmare with getting hold of more frames. Chasing and chasing, I'll have to look into this in the New Year, erm, make that SOMETIME next year - keep forgetting I've got a baby imminent!!

So frames for my limited edition lasercuts are currently in stock, but running out fast! And I've been told that once they're gone, there's no more now until the end of January. Craziness... so if anyone knows of any lovely ways to frame papercuts, or any frame suppliers let me know.


  1. hi Kyleigh, i love you r work and wanted to buy a framed 'God Only Knows' for my girlfriend this Xmas. Could you tell me if the frames are still in stock please?

  2. Hi there, unfortunately I have had a right palava with the frames and they are now out of stock until more are made! Which is mid/end of January I've been told. Sorry to disappoint : (


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