Monday, 15 November 2010

What DO frogs say?

Well, according to my customer, we ALL know they go 'tra la la la la'... check out the funky new pink cutting mat, dazzling!

iPhone pic... annoyingly out of focus.

Here it is framed. It is standing on my big pile of red tissue paper. All my papercuts up to Christmas get the red tissue paper treatment, and a little label and ribbon.

OH! Not only that... it's the first papercut photographed in my new studio, wooop! The old office/spare room can now be hastily turned into the nursery in readiness for this kicky little one who is due to make an appearance Christmas Eve. And I hope he/she is on time or late, if little bean shows up early I am SCUPPERED. Notonthehighstreet orders will still need to be done... EEEEEK! Stay in there little one...

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  1. that made me laugh out loud! my friend, Richard taught my boys that when they were little and thought it was hilarious. I may have to buy that for Richard as a memory ;-)


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