Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A sweet idea

This was a nice commission. The customer - my best customer, you know who you are Lucy ; )  told me that this papercut was a present for 'two families that have come together and are now blissfully happy' How lovely is that?!

Eleanor and Dave are the couple, the rest are all their combined children. So so so sweet. As Lucy asked, I was mindful to make sure all the names were the same font size - they are all equal, and we don't want any niggly sibling rivalry do we?

This is how I package unframed papercuts. Very lightly mounted onto paper, which sits on foamboard and inside a cellophane sleeve. Also stick a couple of glue dots in there in case they need them.

In other news - the baby is head down! WOOP! I had a scan last Thursday and it's all nice and down and ready to go. But it needs to stay put until at least 17th Dec - which is the last courier dispatch date before Christmas! If it comes early, I'd be letting customers down... or I'd be one of those women you read about "I went back to work 10 minutes after giving birth!" and that wouldn't be good!!

Have you seen my facebook fan page yet? It's rather good... you can even 'like' me ; )

Now pop the kettle on, it's freeeeeeeezing! Warm your tootsies up on the fire, mmmmmm....

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