Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hear hear!

This is the last large bespoke commission until I'm back from having the baby (I'm still working through the other small sized ones... nearly there). But what lovely words! I wish everyone is always with a smile, or indeed a giggle... or a nice hearty laugh.

Apologies about the quality... 'tis but a lowly iphone pic.

Speaking of hearty laughs (paragraph above, come on, keep up) I took a bit of time out from Papercut Land and had a lovely pregnancy massage today. All was very serene and peaceful... hippy music in the background... birdsong, tribal, whales... you know the sort of thing. Then she got me in my tickly part of my back (no I didn't know I had one either!), oh man, I was laughing so hard... She said "tsk... oh dear... that's 25 minutes of relaxing massage out the window!" but she didn't mind. I held it together for the rest of the massage. But hey ho, laughing is good for the soul, eh?

A bientot, mon amies! I'm off to Staples for a mad dash to grab some 'emergency' printer cartridges. Bloody printer won't print anything until I've changed the black one and I'm in the middle of printing loads of dispatch notes for tomorrow, it's completely thrown me. How annoying!


  1. Kyleigh you're a damn genius! ALL the cuts are bloody marvelous! ;o) Plus I love reading your blog, genius I tell you, genius :o)

    Glad baby has turned - good luck with it all! x

  2. Jenny how kind! Although personally 'genius' is probably pushing it... you should see me try to do basic maths - it's embarrassing!! But shhhhh... don't tell anyone, I like being called a genius : )

    Thanks for the good luck vibes, I'm wishing for a nice easy birth AND a white Christmas! x

  3. Hello Kyleigh, came on today to tell you how delighted we are with our Papercut and was really surprised to see it at the top of your page! It's lovely and you are a really talented artist. By the way, "I wish you were always with a smile" is from an old 1950s Platters song 'I wish' and my wife used to sing it to our baby boy when he was in her arms. He's 12 now and those words bring back the loveliest memories. Good luck with your birth and best wishes from Liverpool.
    John and Mary Harbourne

  4. John and Mary - thank you! Aww, that has brought tears to my eyes, so so sweet. I'll have to look up the song - good old Spotify. Who knows, maybe I'll be singing it to my little baby. Thank you for getting in touch, and I am thrilled you like your papercut. Kyleigh x


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