Monday, 22 November 2010

But best of all, I've got my baby

This was a nice commission to do... bit of Paulo Nutini:

Although maybe I should have done a design incorporating food inside a belly and maybe a tv licence? No? Really?

Speaking of 'Best of all I've got my baby' (we were, its the title of this post, duur) it's getting increasingly difficult for me to lean over the desk to hand cut my commissions. The baby is just too darn big, or rather my belly is. And in an awkward position the baby kicks and wriggles and jabs feet/knees/elbows into my ribs in protest. It's most inconvenient with customers waiting, you know? "Sorry your papercut is late, I was being jabbed in the ribs" not really cricket is it? That said I want little baby Orlebar to stay put for 4 more weeks... I have far too many orders to get out before Christmas! So I guess I should stop moaning about being jabbed... *sigh* ok.

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