Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A sweet idea

This was a nice commission. The customer - my best customer, you know who you are Lucy ; )  told me that this papercut was a present for 'two families that have come together and are now blissfully happy' How lovely is that?!

Eleanor and Dave are the couple, the rest are all their combined children. So so so sweet. As Lucy asked, I was mindful to make sure all the names were the same font size - they are all equal, and we don't want any niggly sibling rivalry do we?

This is how I package unframed papercuts. Very lightly mounted onto paper, which sits on foamboard and inside a cellophane sleeve. Also stick a couple of glue dots in there in case they need them.

In other news - the baby is head down! WOOP! I had a scan last Thursday and it's all nice and down and ready to go. But it needs to stay put until at least 17th Dec - which is the last courier dispatch date before Christmas! If it comes early, I'd be letting customers down... or I'd be one of those women you read about "I went back to work 10 minutes after giving birth!" and that wouldn't be good!!

Have you seen my facebook fan page yet? It's rather good... you can even 'like' me ; )

Now pop the kettle on, it's freeeeeeeezing! Warm your tootsies up on the fire, mmmmmm....

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hear hear!

This is the last large bespoke commission until I'm back from having the baby (I'm still working through the other small sized ones... nearly there). But what lovely words! I wish everyone is always with a smile, or indeed a giggle... or a nice hearty laugh.

Apologies about the quality... 'tis but a lowly iphone pic.

Speaking of hearty laughs (paragraph above, come on, keep up) I took a bit of time out from Papercut Land and had a lovely pregnancy massage today. All was very serene and peaceful... hippy music in the background... birdsong, tribal, whales... you know the sort of thing. Then she got me in my tickly part of my back (no I didn't know I had one either!), oh man, I was laughing so hard... She said "tsk... oh dear... that's 25 minutes of relaxing massage out the window!" but she didn't mind. I held it together for the rest of the massage. But hey ho, laughing is good for the soul, eh?

A bientot, mon amies! I'm off to Staples for a mad dash to grab some 'emergency' printer cartridges. Bloody printer won't print anything until I've changed the black one and I'm in the middle of printing loads of dispatch notes for tomorrow, it's completely thrown me. How annoying!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Well, this hasn't happened for a while... I changed the blades on both my scalpels and accidentally took a little nick outta my finger. Luckily no blood on any papercuts... it'll stop in a minute.

In other news... this naughty baby is currently breech. Being 36 weeks I have to have a scan and potentially a little bit of squooshing in the hospital to get the little monkey to turn round. Tsk.

Monday, 22 November 2010

But best of all, I've got my baby

This was a nice commission to do... bit of Paulo Nutini:

Although maybe I should have done a design incorporating food inside a belly and maybe a tv licence? No? Really?

Speaking of 'Best of all I've got my baby' (we were, its the title of this post, duur) it's getting increasingly difficult for me to lean over the desk to hand cut my commissions. The baby is just too darn big, or rather my belly is. And in an awkward position the baby kicks and wriggles and jabs feet/knees/elbows into my ribs in protest. It's most inconvenient with customers waiting, you know? "Sorry your papercut is late, I was being jabbed in the ribs" not really cricket is it? That said I want little baby Orlebar to stay put for 4 more weeks... I have far too many orders to get out before Christmas! So I guess I should stop moaning about being jabbed... *sigh* ok.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Long after tonight is all over...

This was a commission, small amount of words but in the large size, so cut from A3. I do like cutting a big 'un. The curves flow out nicely from my little swively scalpel {Oh how I love that bendy bladey!}

You can see my new studio reflected nicely in the last pic...

I've been a busy bee today. Orders keep on coming.  I'm continuing to frame and package all the Christmas orders from notonthehighstreet but I also set up a Facebook page for my papercuts, so now you can 'like' me. Which sounds weird and desparate somehow doesn't it? Like me, like me...

So I'm winding down a little now - I'm off to Totnes tomorrow for a final weekend away with G before little baby Orlebar makes an appearance. We're staying in a lovely B&B which does amazing breakfasts (see old greedypants here mentions that first) and we're off to see Ruarri Joseph at the Barrelhouse with friends. Really looking forward to it, even though {obviously} sticky booze is out of the equation, it'll be good to get away.

But shhhh... I know it's sad but I'm taking my laptop - well I'll need to approve notonthehighstreet orders on the free WiFi in the B&B won't I? ; )

Monday, 15 November 2010

Swiss time was running out...

It's funny how different the purple paper looks in the two photos. I mean funny peculiar, not funny ha ha. I'm pretty happy with the clock and notes, not done those before. I like it when I get to do something other than swirls and hearts...

What DO frogs say?

Well, according to my customer, we ALL know they go 'tra la la la la'... check out the funky new pink cutting mat, dazzling!

iPhone pic... annoyingly out of focus.

Here it is framed. It is standing on my big pile of red tissue paper. All my papercuts up to Christmas get the red tissue paper treatment, and a little label and ribbon.

OH! Not only that... it's the first papercut photographed in my new studio, wooop! The old office/spare room can now be hastily turned into the nursery in readiness for this kicky little one who is due to make an appearance Christmas Eve. And I hope he/she is on time or late, if little bean shows up early I am SCUPPERED. Notonthehighstreet orders will still need to be done... EEEEEK! Stay in there little one...
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