Saturday, 2 October 2010

Another lovely commission

This is for an anniversary. It took a fair while to design and to cut out. I was stressing initially over the amount of words. It is under my 20 limit, but I guess there's quite a few longies in there which kinda make me sweat in the design process. But I think it turned out ok, what do you reckon?

Do you see my scalpels on the left? My trusty tools of the trade. They are ready for their close up...

The long one is a good old Swann Moreton (no3 handle with a 10A blade fact fans!). I've adapted it with a choice fabric plaster for finger comfort. The squat purple one is a Fiskars 'fingertip' swivel scalpel. I got it from HobbyCraft and it's the best I've found so far. I am on the hunt for an X-Acto knife, but thus far no luck : (

On another matter it's getting pretty tricky to lean over my desk with my big ole belly. The baby kicks and kicks and tickles my hip bones. I do love it though...

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