Sunday, 18 July 2010

It's that time of year...

..when we start the old raspberry vodka. The finished vodka is SO delicious you can drink it neat in a little shot it's that sweet and lovely. Or have a tall drink with tonic. Either way I won't be drinking any for the forseeable future what with little bean on the way. This batch will be enjoyed by G no doubt, with some going to friends/family as presents (if theres any left a'course).

Here's how you do it
Step 1: Go to a 'pick your own' and pick lots of lovely raspberries (you can use supermarket raspberries, but it's not as nice a flavour)
Step 2: Once home, wash the raspberries and pick out and dodgy ones and terilise a big old 2 litre Kiliner jar (we use sterilising tablets - easy)
Step 3: Measure out 300g of raspberries and 350g of granulated sugar
Step 4: Pop the raspberries in the sterilised jar, pour the sugar on top, and 1.5 litres of cheapo vodka on top of that. Give it a swirl around (don't stir - just swirl the jar as its all sterile inside)
Step 5: Put the jar in a cool dark place and let it fester. Once a week or so give it a swirl.
Step 6: After 3 months minimum (or anytime up to a year) sterilise some 1 litre bottles, strain the raspberry vodka through a piece of muslin into a bowl and pour the beautiful red syrupy vodka into your bottles.


Wednesday, 14 July 2010 shop now open for business!

At last! My papercuts are available on the jaw-droppingly amazing website, I can often be found browsing their collection of inspiring and unusual gifts and what not, cooing over the bunting and cushions. Not to mention the bellini hamper (I WILL buy that for someone one day).

And I am proud to now be part of it... very exciting...

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