Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Here we go

Welcome to Kyleigh's Papercuts new blog.

Here I hope to showcase my new papercuts, plus work in progress, along with any other musings I might have. Lovely sites I've found, beautiful photography and stuff. You know the stuff.

I'm pretty new to papercut art - I'm a digital designer with a love of typography and a head full of lyrics. So here's the story... I wanted something special to give my husband for Valentines (although I really should have thought of it for our first anniversary which is paper DOH! anyhoo...) I was completely inspired by Julene's papercut art - she is one talented lady... I decided to try it for myself, with my style of things, 15 years of typography and graphic design. I do the designs in Adobe Illustrator, into InDesign and print veeeeerrrrry faintly onto recycled paper. Then the magic begins as I start to extract the design from the paper.

Et voila!

The lyrics on the first one I chose were from 'Forever my Friend' by Ray LaMontagne, it was our first dance at our wedding and is, and will always be 'our song' and very special to us.

I am in the process of setting up an Etsy shop where I'll be selling them, framed or unframed. Plus I am available to do commissions for any song that is dear to you.

Check back soon!

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