Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Psst! I've moved!

Goodness me it's been an age since I posted to my blog and sincere apologies are in order!

That's right, this lil' old blog has been a loyal little soldier, but I now have a sparkly new website you can find over here: http://www.kyleighspapercuts.co.uk

A lot has happened... and I will get you up to date - but first... head over there and let me know what you think!

Monday, 2 July 2012

The notonthehighstreet.com Make Awards 2012

Oh my! I had never been so nervous...

With My family trees nominated for Handmade Product of the Year at the notonthehighstreet Make Awards I headed off to Richmond last Wednesday night. I was completely and utterly made up to be one of three products shortlisted for this award, and with approx 30,000 products on the site, I felt like a winner whatever the outcome.

To avoid the inevitable crazy-London-morning-traffic I stayed at a nearby travel tavern (a la Alan Partridge) the night before. That way I had plenty of time to get my new dress on, straighten my stupid hair and drive round the corner to the swanky Garden Room at Syon Park to the Make, Do and Meet 2012 in the morning.

500 notonthehighstreet (NOTHS) partners were in attendence and the day was kicked off with tea and biscuits and a good old natter with my fellow sellers. I had met a few at Edgbaston at the SBS Theo Paphitis thing, but some I hadn't ever met despite becoming friends through inane twitter chitter chatter. It was so lovely to finally meet some of our amazingly creative Twitterati peeps.

In the dining area there was lovely boards with pics of the nominated partner or product on every table. I was squealing inside when I found mine. Woop!

The whole day was great - there was photography workshops throughout the day. Different ones for shooting varying products (jewellery, prints, stationery etc). I went to the posters and prints one and it was really very good. Although the first thing they said was "if you can, remove the glass from your print before photographing it" erm... that posed a problem as all of my papercuts are sandwiched BETWEEN glass, but we found a solution. 'Twas all good. (if you're wondering... you get an able assistant to hold up a big white sheet to stop nasty old reflections, tricky as it's usually just me on my own photographing my stuff... have to rope in the kids!).

There were really inspirational speakers on the main stage, as well as a customer service area to meet the gang and nibble on cupcakes, a place to meet and chat to NOTHS staff and a knitting/making area (not too hot with the ole knitting needles, so gave that a miss)

After a lovely lunch and yet more chitter chatter with the ladies it was time for the award ceremony. (cue racing heart at this moment - although I am a loudmouth, I am but a shy and retiring kinda lass inside, and any kind of attention drawn to me has my cheeks flush a bright magenta)

All the nominees and winners were incredibly worthy. Amazing products and businesses and it is so wonderful of NOTHS to recognise these amazing hardworking guys and gals. Many of my twitter buddies were nominated and we all sat together... hearts gradually picking up a pace if they were anything like me!

I'll cut to the chase... I didn't win. But like I said I felt like a winner whatever the outcome. I was just completely thrilled to be nominated. That was enough for this old bird I tells ya ;)

Here's the breakdown of the nominees and winners (many thanks to Milly & Pip on her blog for this list!):

Gift of the Year Shortlist 2012 (when I typed that I accidentally missed out the 'f'... made me laugh)
Champagne Cork Stool by Impulse Purchase
Joy Tote Bag by The Joy of Ex Foundation
Personalised Co ordinates Print by my mates at The Drifting Brea Co (I wanted them to win, we both use the same master framer)
and the winner was... Champagne Cork Stool

Best Customer Service Shortlist 2012
Sally Clay Jewellery
and the winner was... Letterfest!

Handmade Product of the Year Shortlist 2012 *heart racing sooo fast* this was me...
Solid Oak 'Hot Stuff' Trivet by SquarePear Furniture
Personalised Family Tree Papercut by *ahem* Kyleigh's Papercuts *heart races faster*
Mouse Play Dress by Wild Things Funky Little Dresses
drum roll... winner was... and I'm gonna papercut him in the face...(joke) Hot Stuff Trivet!

Personalised Product of the Year Shortlist 2012
Personalised Christmas Sack by Harrow & Green
Personalised Tax Disc Cuffllinks by Me & My Car
Personalised Leather Scroll Bracelet by Joulberry
and the winner was... The Christmas Sack

Innovation Award Shortlist 2012
Stitch a Map Postcard by The LittleBoys Room
Bespoke Fingerprint Wedding Ring by Patrick Laing
Cake Slice Club by The Cake Nest
and the winner was... Fingerprint wedding ring

Best New Product 2012 Shortlist
Personalised Metro Map Style Print by This Is My Map
Headcase Pillow Case by Twisted Twee
Personalised 'You're the best' Apron by Sparks Clothing
and the winner was... Headcase Pillow Case

Start-Up Success Award Shortlist 2012
Impulse Purchase
The Drifting Bear Co.
More Than Words (my lovely mate Lisa)
and the winner was... yay! The Drifting Bear Co.

Entrepreneur of the Year Shortlist 2012
Betsy Benn
Modo Creative
and the winner was... Betsy Benn yay!

Best Presented Storefront Shortlist 2012
Cherry Pie Lane (my mate Charlie, and I was sitting next to her too... eeek!)
Rowen & Wren
and the winner was... Rowen & Wren (bad luck Charlie)

Partner of the Year Shortlist 2012
3 Blonde Bears (my lovely nobber mate Jo)
Milly and Pip (another lovely member of our twitterati, Ali)
Lily Belle
and the winner was... 3 Blonde Bears! YAY! Well done mummy bear!

Community Ambassador of the Year Shortlist 2012
Ali Millard from Milly & Pip (she really is awesome)
Gabriella Buckingham from moobaacluck (another of our Twitterati crew and again, awesome)
Helen Lindley from Lindleywood
and the winner was... Milly & Pip! Yay! Go Ali!

Wow, so exciting to see so many amazing people win! As you can see all the shortlisted products and partners are of an incredibly high standard, I feel so incredibly chuffed to be in the list :)

And then it was time for lovely sticky fizzy fizz...

don't mind if I do
The lovely Charlie from Cherry Pie Lane, Gabs from The Green Gables and Justine from Berties
And with that it was time to head on home... with a hastily swiped board from the tables ;)

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, a fab day was had by all.
*hums Journey's Don't Stop Believin'*

Have a great week everyone, I've got tonnes of orders to get out before heading off to Centre Parcs next week for a well earned break. So I'd best get cracking!

Kyleigh x

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Check out some handcut commissions

Well hello there, how the devil have you been?

Oh my goodness I have been stu-a-acked out. Really full on. Which obviously is amazing, and I feel truly humbled by how popular my papercuts are, but it means my lil ole blog gets a back seat. But never fear I am here now and I have a wealth of papercut commissions to waft in front of your eyes for your delectation. Ready?

I do love a large red A3 commission
This lovely big red commission was for a lovely lady who sadly lost her son. To commemorate what would have been his birthday she commissioned this incredibly long name for her son who only had the one name, Luke. When she wanted to get his attention (when he was watching tv or something) she would call him by his fictional posh long names. I think it's lovely. And I'm sure there's a skateboarding angel somewhere up there with a cheeky little smile on his face.

I'd certainly never done a skateboarding angel before
I'm just going to plop the pics out now... brace yourself.

As well as the handcut commissions I have been kept busy with my personalised family trees, very very busy. I sell them on notonthehighstreet.com which you can get to here or you can see the rest of my range on notonthehighstreet by clicking the link on the right hand side (or here if you're feeling lazy).

Available with 3, 4, 5 or 6 names
I always love hearing from happy customers, and it warms my soul if they include a picture too... into my inbox plopped these two pics last week. One from a happy bride receiving her personalised wedding name papercut...

...and one from a happy family who have created a timeline on their kitchen wall with their wedding names and their two daughters names and birthdates. What a gorgeous colour wall too, mmmm!

I'll be back really soon with a post about the amazing notoonthehighstreet.com Make Awards which I went to last week, so until then have a fab weekend!

Kyleigh x

Monday, 2 April 2012

Mrs Shmoozy McShmooze

Firstly - and I need to get this off my chest - apologies for not posting for a while. Truth is, I have had my busiest month EVER. I have been completely rushed off my feet with hundreds of orders for my papercut family trees. Many of them were needed for Mother's Day, many of them still pouring in (at a non-gift-giving time of year to boot). I am truly humbled by your love for my shizzle. Thank you one and all.

Ok, onto the shmoozing news!

On Friday (30th March) I was lucky enough to have been invited by friendly dragon Theo Paphitis (woop!) to Birmingham's Edgbaston Stadium to attend Small Business Sunday's* (SBS) inaugural meeting for all past winners of SBS. I was beyond excited - as were my fellow winners and twitter buddies. There was much talk on twitter of planning the right outfit and '100 denier, too hot?'.

I took along my amazingly super friend and chief framer Wendy and we cadged a lift up to Birmingham with another winner Stephanie Carswell from Hawthorn Contemporary Gallery.

We were greeted by the sight of a super blinged up shiny silver car, presumably owned by Theo, so I guess we had found the right place...

On arriving we were handed our name badges and made our way up the lift to the shmoozing room where hundreds of small business owners were happily tucking into the endless supply of sandwiches and alcoholic delights. Nommy nom nom.

I was thrilled to finally meet in person my twitter buddies with whom I had been a-twittering with for aaages. the super amazing, dynamic and vibrant (in no particular order) Tia Lush (who ate my crayons), Heidi Bowman (Giddy Kipper), Jo Jenner (3blondbears), Gabriella Buckingham (MooBaaCluck), Helen Botrill (Kindred Rose), Lyndsey James (Lyndsey James Photography) and Charlie (Cherry Pie Lane) to name but a few.

Helen, Lyndsey and Me
Giddy, Cakeface, MooBaaCluck, Me and Hawthorn
After drinking some refreshing fermented grape juice and chitter chatting we were called in to the conference room where Theo's live twitter feed was up on the big screen. Muchos fun was had tweeting Theo and cheers would go up when one of us made it to the big screen. Childish? Us?

When all were safely gathered in we were treated by two and a half hours of Theo Paphitis and I can honestly say what a warm, funny, natural, relaxed, boozy, sweary all round lovely kinda chap he is.
He took questions from the floor, ran over time, joked and laughed and gave us amazing encouragement to make our businesses all we hope and dream they will be.

Theo takes to the stage
He introduced us to the new SBS website, designed and built by a past SBS winner Chris Wheeler and his team at Metal Frog. It holds a wealth of information about past SBS winners, plus loads of practical advice about running a business. It will no doubt grow arms and legs and become a very valuable tool to small businesses. Ah, the power of Twitter eh?

When Theo had finished, the (free! free!) bar opened and the schmoozing and meeting people began once more, while others were waiting to have their official photo with Theo as he presented their winners certificate.

Here's my cheesy shot official photograph:

I gave him a papercut and he gave me a certificate. Fair swap?

When we were all schmoozed out, it was time to head for home. On the way out we all were given a Rymans goody bag filled with super cool stuff. And by that I mean *actual* nice things, not just leaflets and samples of hand cream.

It was such a great day I hope there'll be more to come.

Oh and I couldn't resist a little sozzled lean on the shiny car with Lyndsey on the way out...

* To quote from the official website: "Small Business Sunday, shortened to the hashtag #SBS on Twitter, was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010. Each Sunday Theo rewards small businesses that tweet him @TheoPaphitis and describe their business in one tweet including the all-important hashtag #SBS. Each week Theo reviews and chooses his favourite lucky six who are then re-tweeted. As he has over 230,000 followers, this provides a massive boost to the chosen lucky businesses. The benefits range from increased Twitter followers, to positive media publicity and crucially for many, increased sales! Of course, none of this is guaranteed as it is largely down to perseverance, hard work, and a smidgen of luck comes in handy."

Thursday, 9 February 2012

We have a winner!

THANK YOU all for entering, I am blown by the response - 165 entries, woop!

Let me just tell you, it took aaaaaaages to count those blinkin' hearts. I counted them back into the jar and marked every 10 counted in as a little mark on a tally chart. I was amazed that there were 992 hearts! (and one lonely little star - dunno how that little blighter got in there...)

No one guessed on the button, the closest was a guess of 1000. Only 8 away, and that was guessed by...

*Drum roll please*

Tracy Lock! you are the winner!
You guessed only 8 away from the correct answer of 992!

Root toot toot! You've won the 'I love you' papercut.
Congratulations and thanks again to everyone that entered.
I'll do another giveaway later in the year, but preferably one that doesn't make me count out hundreds of hearts, doh!

Have a great weekend y'all, y'hear? (well, it is *nearly* the weekend)
Kyleigh x

PS. There was problems with 'Disqus' commenting, but luckily I had email notifications for every comment, so even if you don't see your comment (for some unknown reason it wasn't publishing each one, grrr) rest assured your guess was noted by me and added to the other guesses coming in from my Facebook page.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Giveaway time!

Hello you lovely lot! You keeping warm? Brrrrrr!
Now... Valentine's day is just round the corner, so with that in mind who would like to win a little love token in the shape of my 'I love you' papercut framed in a chunky acrylic frame?

There's one of two designs to choose from. One with, and one without a surrounding heart. They are currently for sale here and here price £22)

You could surprise your other half with it... Then they'll usurp you with an amazing gift, a weekend away, diamonds, jewellery, chocolate and golden champagne. THEN you'll feel bad about giving them something you've won... but hey ho - think of the money you'll save! (If you're Anti Valentine's Day then you could take out the papercut and have a ceremonial burning of it (safely of course) then pop in a lovely picture of your mum and dad in the empty frame. Done!)

"Ok then, what do I have to do?" I hear you mutter...

Here's the thing... see this?

I've been squirrelling away (nearly) every heart I cut out and popping them into this little jam jar. Don't ask me why - I guess I can't bear to throw a happy little heart away!

How to enter the 'I love you' giveaway:
- Try and guess how many little paper hearts are in my jar (The closest guess to actual amount wins!)
- Leave your guess as a comment below
- Have a nice relaxing cuppa safe in the knowledge Valentine's Day *might* be all sorted...

I'll announce the winner on Thursday 9th Fabruary
So keep your eyes peeled on twitter (@kyleigh), on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kyleighspapercuts)
and right here on my blog a'course for the announcement.

Until then, keep warm and good luck!
Right.. I don't know about you, but I've got a jarload of little paper hearts to count!

Kyleigh x

This giveaway is open to UK residents only, aged 18 years or over. 
Giveaway ends midnight Wednesday 8th February. 
Winner will be announced Thursday 9th February.

Some of you are having problems commenting on here - if that's the case just leave a comment on my facebook page, I'll find you don't worry : ) www.facebook.com/kyleighspapercuts

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fill yo' eyes with this papery feast

Hey there! How is everyone? yeah? Did you have a good Christmas?  awww, sounds lovely... yeah I did thanks. Gosh seems like ages ago now eh? Yes it has been a mild winter... yes I know! Blossom! In January!


Ok, now the small talk is outta the way here's some pics of various handcut commissions I did in the latter part of last year which I didn't bother have time to share with you lovely peeps! So without further ado, waste a minute or two looking at these bad boys (seriously, no one is looking... and the report can wait. You're entitled to a break, eh?)

I had fun doing Janet's Kitchen. I just loved drawing the jam jar, but the strawberry pips were something else, pretty fiddly!

This must've been a friday night, I know because there's evidence in the way of a cheeky glass of vino calapso which my lovely husband brings in to me if I'm working in my shed at witching hour on a drinky night (Friday and Saturday in our house..)

This one was commissioned by staff at The Tate for a collegue that was leaving. It is a quote from a blog post he wrote. I really enjoyed cutting this one.

That's it for now, there's more but I'll spare you. Besides, you really should get on with some work. Quick your superviser is coming!

Bye for now!
Kyleigh x
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